Frequently asked questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions, if you don’t find your answer below, please feel free to contact us.

Are glamping pods warm?

Yes. All of our designs are made so that you can cater to your market with zero down time throughout the year. In fact, we have now begun using smart heating, meaning you can remotely control the heat of your build by using your onsite WiFi and your smart phone.

Are Glamping pods VAT exempt?

No. Glamping pods are not VAT exempt. However, usually they usually will fall within HMRC’s definition of the caravan act resulting in the VAT being 5% as opposed to 20%.

How will my pod get transported?

We usually dispatch the unit from our workshop on a lorry which is fitted with a crane arm. Once the unit arrives on site the lorry can lift the unit onto its foundation ready to connect to onsite services. On more challenging access’s we can hire larger crane’s amongst a variety of other solutions site dependant.

What do I need to do with my pod when it arrives?

Once your pod arrives onsite and is laid onto its foundation, your ground work crew can set about connecting your pod to your onsite services. As with all of our builds we leave the service connection points at very easy to reach locations for the electrician to connect his wires, and the plumber to connect his pipe work.

Do I require planning?

Chances are yes you will, if you are using your build for commercial purposes then planning will be required. However if we are building you a garden room, we will normally be able to achieve this within permitted development therefore no planning consent will be required. Please see our planning page to learn how to find out more about your commercial project planning.

Do you do ground works?

Yes. We can provide ground works services along with any building project we are part of.